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Economical Courier Service to Sri Lanka

While selecting a suitable courier and parcel service provider, the client considers the cost involved to send the consignments along with factors such as safe and timely delivery. The popular logistic company Teeparam in UK offers more than that as value addition, such as collection at the source and door to door delivery services along with seasonal discounts to its committed, regular clients and for bulk forwarding of consignments.

Saving Cost on Parcel and Courier Service

The cheapest parcel services to Sri Lanka is a dedicated service of the leading Logistics company that offers individualized attention to the client’s needs to send parcels from UK to Sri Lanka. Likewise, it also offers focused cheap shipping to India from UK for consignments booked at its offices. The company has highly trained and experienced staffs, who know various aspects of parcel and document packet forwarding procedures specific to Sri Lanka and India. The country oriented courier and parcel services are being substantially subscribed by a large number of clients.

Best Cost Plan For Consignment Forwarding

Considered as one of the leading providers of courier service in UK, it has different tariff plans to suit clients having diverse requirements. For cheapest shipping to India from UK clients can depend on the experience, resources and operational capabilities of the company. The company provides end to end and comprehensive courier and parcel services that are at par with the costly ones offered by other logistic companies.

Clients in UK desirous of availing the economical yet faster and safer parcel and courier services of Teeparam are assured of consignment integrity and faster delivery. The consignments are tracked on continuous basis to facilitate proper transit forwarding as per the schedule. The consignments dispatched by shortest and fastest air routes are delivered to the recipients without any delay by the local service staffs.

We Offer Discount and Special Tariff

Clients wishing to send parcels and document packets to addresses in Sri Lanka and India can contact the logistic company to know more about its highly popular services that are affordable. Regular clients and clients who book bulk consignments are offered discounts from time to time or as per the existing policies of the company. By subscribing to the economical yet quality consignment services of the company, the clients can benefit much in terms of cost saving while getting quality services. All consignments sent through the company receive priority for onward shipment and delivery at the destinations, without any exception.


  • Flexible timeframe
  • 24*7 tracking till delivery
  • Economic pricing
  • Door to Door service
  • Global courier partners


New Branch

We are expanding to better serve you.

With great pleasure, Teeparam announces the launch of our newest location in East Ham.

318, High Street North, Near Saravana Bhavan, Inside Chennai Stores. E12 6SA
Telephone No: +44 20871 30797