Parcel Service to Sri Lanka

Teeparam facilitates the most convenient and efficient way in sending goods from India to Sri Lanka with its wide service network spread across the globe. Send goods at any size, Teeparam is capable of delivering any goods through the market’s best carrier that delivers your goods on time.

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Teeparam is known for 

Experience our efficient delivery services

Teeparam is the most effective and cheapest delivery service pioneering in the market with its expertise in delivering goods across international borders. The market leading professionals offer their service with utmost sincerity and delicacy which reflect in their on -time delivery services at your doorstep. 

Global network of Teeparam supports you in sending goods to the nooks and corners across the globe at very low service changes. The ecosystem is built to offer the most convenient user experience with transparency in every level which lets the users know the status of their goods and the delivery charges behind it.

Many countries have evolved with modern technology and undergo trade facilitation in order to support trade and the transfer of goods across international borders. As modern technology and its advanced infrastructure development offer numerous opportunities.

It also requires a single window service to align the transactions and enhance the efficiency of trade. Sri Lanka is one of the countries that facilitate advanced capabilities for international goods and delivery services. 

We take the service to the next level by offering the most convenient and sophisticated cross-border delivery services.  

The Timeline

Trained professionals

Our diligent staff are trained professionals delivering goods across international borders over a decade. They are capable of handling any kind of goods and deliver it perfectly at the right time without any delays.

Top-Brand Carriers

Teeparam has collaborated with top brands for cargos which made the service more sophisticated and reliable in making international shipments. The-top Brand carriers for services, provides a double graded safety and security for your goods.

Market’s cheapest delivery service

Teeparam offers the cheapest delivery service in the market which supports people to send and receive goods across international borders at very low cost.

High rated delivery service

Our delivery service is recognized by the global audience and its efficient service makes it the people’s choice which makes it one of the high rated delivery services in the market. n

Reliability and Trustworthiness

Teeparam with its extensive delivery service with precision made it the most trusted platform to deliver goods and services across international borders, Its effective services at the right price, at the right time has built an unbreakable trust among the people.

General Advice

Customs, Prohibitions and Restrictions

Like other big delivery firms, there are some items and chemicals that customers are not permitted to send.  

To protect the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, customers, and the general public, we must comply with national and international standards governing the transport of mail. It is your responsibility to determine whether a product is restricted or prohibited.   

New Branch

We are expanding to better serve you.

With great pleasure, Teeparam announces the launch of our newest location in East Ham.

318, High Street North, Near Saravana Bhavan, Inside Chennai Stores. E12 6SA
Telephone No: +44 20871 30797