Courier Service from the UK to Sri Lanka

Should you have the need to ship a package abroad, there are several underlying factors to consider but the one that we believe to be, perhaps the most essential part of the entire process, lies in selecting the most appropriate and an excellent courier partner. Through aiding you in understanding the restrictions imposed, customs procedures, and delivery solutions that are specific to Sri Lanka, we will be able to make the process simpler and more efficient for you in every manner.

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Facilitating a better Courier Service

Teeparam goes beyond the ordinary to deliver a truly exceptional experience when it involves in shipping your packages abroad. We are motivated and put our best not just in providing a convenient way of shipping but to offer you with a lifestyle that is hassle-free. We understand your needs and value the inevitable time we have on our hands. Being consistent in this ever-changing world is an idea we are invested into, and we are confident that we are offering you only the best-in-class services.

The Timeline

The duration that it takes to deliver a parcel from the United Kingdom to Sri Lanka has substantially reduced as a formal consequence of improvements to Sri Lanka’s facilities in addition to developments in the country’s many forms of transportation and cooperation. The United Kingdom is now capable of transporting shipments to Sri Lanka in a significantly shorter timeframe. In light of this, it has been estimated that the average length of time it will take to transport a shipment from the United Kingdom to Sri Lanka will be no more than 7-10 business days. For Sri Lanka, Teeparam offers two choices of Delivery standards to suite your preferences:

Express Delivery to Sri Lanka

The delivery of your product will take about 7 working days to arrive at the location you designate and Teeparam guarantees the quickest and safest courier service in the United Kingdom. In addition to its delivery service, the company also offers an exclusive pickup option for the express customers.

Economy Delivery to the Sri Lanka

In selecting this option, Teeparam provides the most cost-effective as well as the fastest courier service from the United Kingdom to Sri Lanka. It is the alternative that will save money while at the same time ensuring a speedier delivery of the package from the United Kingdom to Sri Lanka. Customers are also presented with the choice to monitor and follow the status of the courier.

Items That Should Be Avoided

It is wise and preferable to verify the import laws of the country to which you will be sending a package, well before you make a commitment. Countries such as Sri Lanka can be challenging since the greater public is not in the light regarding the restrictions of the country. If you are aware, we suggest you get in touch with the relevant customs officials. 

It is possible for a product to be perfectly lawful in one nation while at the same time being banned in another. However, in most case scenario, we regulate the shipment of all legally permissible goods to Sri Lanka, and it is vital that we follow conduct which is in compliance with the laws that are attributed to the customs authorities. Below are the few items that should be avoided.

Refer to “Imports and Exports (Control) Regulations No. 13 of 2022” for more details on the products that are restricted for import to Sri Lanka.


Acids and Chemicals

Live Animals

Illegal Medicines & Drugs

Exotic Plants

Human Remains


When you ship a package with Teeparam, we leave no instance for you to worry about the safety of your package, as long as you respect and comply to the prohibited / banned checklist and observe the customs standards stated for Sri Lanka. 

Your shipment is going to be carefully managed with a team specially curated for managing the safety of the packages. However, it is only natural that you would want to be assured, and so in order to allay any concerns that you might have, we offer a free online tracking system that will allow you to monitor the status of your parcel from the time it is collected until the moment it is delivered.

Why Teeparam?


Teeparam not only provide the most straightforward and convenient option of shipping a courier, but also guarantee the products' safety and the protection they will receive while in our care. Customers can also mention if their product is fragile in nature, so we will look forward towards its safety well in advance.


Customers who make use of Teeparam's services are able to make claims for cost reductions as well as other kinds of customer appreciation. Patrons that appear in frequently will be given automatic access to special pricing and will be notified and kept up to date on all upcoming deals.


We ensure our patrons receive utmost care and satisfaction through our services. In our continuous quest for perfection, we offer our sincere efforts at every potential opportunity. Send us an email if you have any queries concerning our services, require any additional information or if you would like to provide feedback.

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