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You want to deliver packages to India? But at the same time, is concerned about the particulars, the cost, and most importantly, the safety of the packages? We are listening! All of this and more falls under our area of responsibility, and you can be assured that you will receive nothing less than the highest quality of courier service.

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Send to India from the UK

We offer options and solutions for everything related to courier service, from sending simple documents to delivering gifts to loved ones and even packages in larger quantities. What if, on the other hand, you are a frequent shipper or a businessperson who requires the transportation of goods and supplies? And what if the products come in different sizes and are fragile in nature? No Problem! 

If you let us know what your expectations are, we will do our best to fulfil by customising and tailoring the services to meet your expectations. Now what if you know the products you want to send but do not have an idea about the pricing. 

At this point, you may drop in your name and contact details, and our team will contact you at the earliest. Yet, if you want to know the exact cost, you can state the weight of your product, which will allow our staff to examine the situation and get back to you with a much more effective evaluation as well as a price quote. 

The Process

Calculate the Price

Receive an upfront calculation on the cost of your parcel to India. Get accurate figures / quotation and feel free to make comparisons and evaluation before finalizing the decision.

Pack Your Parcel

Packing your parcel is an important step. We advise you to keep it simple and neat. Avoid wrapping as it is not required at all because we provide protective packaging services which is essential to keep your packages intact.

Sit Back, Relax!

That’s it. We will do everything from this point and make sure your parcel has been safely delivered. Meanwhile, you can track the status with your name and the unique tracking code that is assigned.

Delivery Options

The amount of time it takes to ship a package from the United Kingdom to India has decreased significantly as a direct result of improvements to India’s infrastructure as well as advancements in the country’s many modes of transportation and communication. 

As a result, it has been estimated that the time it takes to transport an item from the United Kingdom to India has been projected to be no more than 2-3 working days. Teeparam offers a broad spectrum of courier services, among them being enhanced tracking systems, in addition to many other varieties of advantages.

parcel service to india

At Teeparam we offer two modes of delivery options exclusive for India

Expedited Courier to India

Teeparam delivers one of the most nimble courier service between the United Kingdom and India hence the delivery time to reach the location you designate is very swift. This service also provides an exclusive pickup option in addition to the delivery service, both of which come with a modest additional charge.

Economy Courier to India

With this option, Teeparam offers the most affordable and quickest courier service from the United Kingdom to India. It is the option that will be cost efficient whilst also providing a quicker courier service from the UK to India. In a manner comparable to that of expedited delivery, customers are also given the ability to monitor and track the status of the courier.

Trust & Beyond

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority at Teeparam. At every turn, we put out maximum effort in the pursuit of excellence. We not only offer the most convenient and simple means of shipping a courier to India, but we also guarantee the safety of the items and the protection they will receive. Renowned for high-quality customer support and fastest assistance. Shall you require any additional information regarding our services or would like to provide feedback, we encourage you to send us an email.

Sustainability and Environment

We have an obligation to guide the industry in sustainability and that implies lowering our carbon footprint and establishing the finest norms in society and resource management. The actions we take now will have a direct influence on the world tomorrow. Stay connected to learn more about how you could effectively minimize the emissions produced when shipping your parcel and how choosing the appropriate courier partner will make a significant contribution toward creating a healthier and safer environment.

Additional Benefits & Member Exclusives

Modify the delivery schedule/destination

We offer the option to rearrange the delivery of your parcel to another day if you are aware beforehand that you won't be present when it is delivered, or the receiving party is unable to collect on the specified date.

Top Notch Customer Support

We have a customer support team that is available around the clock, seven days a week, and they can assure you the safest shipment imaginable and answer any questions you have thoroughly. If any unexpected circumstances arise that could result in a delay, our support staff will contact the clients to inform them in advance

Member Privileges

Customers are an invaluable asset, and individuals who utilise the service of Teeparam's services are eligible to claim discounts and specials deals. Regular clients will automatically be entitled to great deals and will be notified and updated on upcoming offers.

Inspire Business and Entrepreneurs

For the convenience and simplicity of our business account subscribers, the support division is equipped with a multitude of valuable information and how-to instructions. We are here to assist first-time shippers as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.

Items That Should Be Avoided

It is wise and preferable to verify the import laws of the country to which you will be sending a package, well before you make a commitment. Countries such as Sri Lanka can be challenging since the greater public is not in the light regarding the restrictions of the country. If you are aware, we suggest you get in touch with the relevant customs officials.

It is possible for a product to be perfectly lawful in one nation while at the same time being banned in another. However, in most case scenario, we regulate the shipment of all legally permissible goods to India, and it is vital that we follow conduct which is in compliance with the laws that are attributed to the customs authorities. Below are the few items that should be avoided.Refer to “Imports and Exports (Control) Regulations No. 13 of 2022” for more details on the products that are restricted for import to India.


Acids and Chemicals

Live Animals

Illegal Medicines & Drugs

Exotic Plants

Human Remains

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