Pancha Bootha Temple  Tour :

A soul enriching trip to Pancha bootha temple 

What is Pancha Boothas? The world is ruled by five basic elements that are Water, Fire, Space, Wind, and Land. Places where Lord Shiva, the AdhiYogi resides in these forms, are called PanchaBoothasthala. Our economically planned Pancha bhoothasthala temple tour covers five temples of Lord Shiva, each owning a historic value is situated in TamilNadu, Southern part of India.

Each temple represents an element of nature. (Water, Fire, Space, Wind, and Land)

Enroute Panchaboothasthala temple tour:


  1. Kanchipuram:  Sri Kalahasthi Temple (dedicated to Air). Ekambareswarar Temple (dedicated to Land).
  2. Thiruvannamalai: Annamalaiyar Temple (dedicated to Fire).
  3. Chidambaram: Chidambaram Natarajar Temple (dedicated to Space).
  4. Tiruvanaikka: Jambukeswarar Temple (dedicated to Water).

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