Online shopping mode or e-commerce websites are becoming increasing popular and have done remarkably well in recent times among buyers. Thanks to their unique styles of the product display, methods to improve the headcount and flexible payment options have contributed a lot to the growing popularity of online shopping. As the competition is increasing, these online shopping companies keep on adding new features to their sites according to changing requirements and demands of the customers.

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Buying products or availing services online is very exciting these days, making markets and shopping malls quieter and online stores are jam-packed with full-of digital shoppers as the new innovations are popping up every day. There are many factors which are pointing 2019 to be the year of change for UK retail sector.   E-commerce industry will realize the importance of customer-centric approach and end-to-end delivery. There are other things such as ‘fast and free’ delivery, delivery options that are customizable and transparent and prioritizing customer convenience.

Some of the hottest trends that can rule 2019 include:


E-commerce is always personalized. It seems to get more personalized in 2019. How can it be more personalized? Brands have to provide exact delivery information, which fits to a particular location and customers. Amazon is the biggest example of the personalized e-commerce delivery.  If you want to buy a new brand of wedding costume, once we made the selection, Amazon will calculate the exact delivery time based w.r.t our IP address. Then he will mention the cut-off time for our location with a countdown timer within which you have to order.

Amazon also makes the delivery user-friendly by making the delivery dates clear-cut by stating the calendar date rather than the shipping speed. For example they mention Wednesday 5th March- Thursday 6th March.  Personalizing delivery means making the customers know exactly when their items will arrive, eliminating the uncertainty.

Guided by Automation to remove delivery complexities

Retailers or online sellers have to know what to automate during the delivery and logistics process. For example, if you have broad portfolio of products, it can create complexity.  First, real challenge comes how you can match up to the right delivery type and carrier to individual items.  Next, how you can automate that process during checkout?

You have to depend upon plugging in an automation tool- that is a powerful rule-based engine in order to consider a number of things instantaneously. For example, the product types, the basket mix, order of destination etc. Therefore, the rule-based system would automatically show the appropriate delivery options.

Convenient Pickup Points

Every customer wants cheap and fast delivery. But there’s a limit to the cheap and fast delivery.   An efficient, cost-effective and err-free delivery can be obtained through find a pickup point or location that is convenient for customers, mentioned by customers themselves. E-commerce giant Amazon has acquired supermarket chain Wholefoods and places their Amazon pick-up lockers in their stores.

Impact of Brexit

There’s great deal uncertainty related to Brexit in UK and its possible impact and outcome. For that, many industries have been remained standstill. But research from various freight solutions indicate that online retailers are exploring growth opportunities outside of Europe, in view of uncertainty and complex trade regulations that may arise. But there’s considerable indication that UK retailers are expected to increase international revenue in 2019.

Accurate Delivery

Customers always want more accurate delivery from online retailers. Most of the brands are now going by the nominated-day of deliver, which is very exciting and helpful. This year,, you expect to see more priority from brands as far as customer convenience is concerned by offering nominated time slots.

Future Delivery Trends

In spite of so much buzz around the matchless delivery system, health and safety, robustness of the delivery solution would decide the future of possible delivery trends. It’s about how online retailers stay pragmatic and having the flexibility to change with the market demands, offering customers relevant series of options which they find easy-to-use and simple to purchase However, where delivery is concerned, retailers have to find right partners, in terms of cargo and courier services.